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20 Day Rule

When you sign the paperwork to get your driver’s license in Washington, one of the documents you agree to abide by states that you agree to consent to a breath or blood test if you are accused of driving under the influence. If you refuse to take either of these tests or fail the test, you will be subject to a 60 day license suspension. The only way to fight this suspension is with the help of a top Seattle DUI attorney.

You must file for an appeal to this suspension within 20 days of your arrest or you sacrifice your right to an appeal hearing. Your Seattle DUI lawyer can help you file for the hearing and represent you at the appeal. The hearing will be head at a DOL headquarters and you will be provided an opportunity to interview the officer that arrested you and review the evidence against you.

These hearings are not only important for the sake of saving your license, but they can also help you practice for your criminal trial. You and your Seattle DUI lawyer will never get a similar chance to fight the charges and prove your innocence until the official criminal trial and this opportunity can be just the experience you need to really perfect your defense strategy with your attorney.

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