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Domestic Violence

People in Seattle charged with domestic violence are usually people in crisis. They are often dealing with other issues, such as a divorce, loss of job, or custody disputes. Charges are often filed during family or marital arguments, and when a marriage has broken down, some of these charges can be nothing more than false accusations.

Domestic violence is taken very seriously by the State of Washington courts. A complaint of domestic violence can lead to an immediate arrest of the accused. If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, it is important to contact a Seattle criminal attorney who will defend you against these charges. At my Seattle law office, I represent my clients every step of the way, from arraignment to trial.

The penalties can be severe if you are convicted of a domestic violence charge. In addition to these penalties, a domestic violence conviction can also negatively impact your job and social environment. At the criminal Law Offices of Philip G. Sayles, we provide effective attorney representation and keep you informed of all ongoing negotiations. Call us immediately to learn how I can help you out. The stakes are high, you can’t fight this alone.

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