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DUI Frequently Asked Questions

The DUI laws in the state of Washington are complex and the penalties are some of the toughest in the nation. If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI, it is important for you to select an attorney who is experienced with the DUI laws pertaining to your case.

Below, you will find information that can be helpful and used only as a guideline. For proper evaluation of your case, it is best to speak with one of our experienced Seattle DUI attorneys.

Q: I was arrested for a DUI, but I was never given a court date. What should I do in this situation?

A: If you were arrested for a DUI in the state of Washington, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable with DUI laws. If you were charged with a DUI, you will be contacted by mail. So it is important to have your Driver license up to date. An experienced DUI attorney can help you prevent a missed hearing.

Q: How long will it take for charges to be filed in my case?

A: The timeframe for a charge to be filed varies from court to court. Each case is unique and is handled differently. If you were arrested and released the same day, you should receive a notice by mail to appear in court on a specific date. For further info please contact one of our attorneys to assist you.

Q: I was given a breath test and the results were over the legal limit. Shouldn't I just plead guilty?

A: No. Not all breath tests are 100% accurate. Faulty equipment, weather conditions, an untrained officer, health problems, and other factors can cause you to have bad results. Let our experienced DUI attorneys investigate your situation and help you with your case.

Q: I refused to take the breath test at the police station, what can happen to me?

A: Refusing a breath test may increase penalty fines and sentencing but an experienced attorney can handle even the most difficult cases. During your consultation we will discuss all possible options and details about your case.

Q: My breath test was under the legal limit, can I still be charged with a DUI?

A: Yes. You can still be charged with a DUI if there is sufficient evidence that shows your ability to drive was impaired even if you were under the legal limit. Our experienced attorneys will investigate your case and work together to build a strong defense.

Q: There's a hole punched in my license, can I still drive?

A: As long as you are properly insured, you can still drive. Your license is valid for at least 60 days following the date of your arrest. You do have the right to request a hearing but it must be requested within 30 days of your arrest. If you fail to request the hearing, you will loose your license. For more information, please contact our office to speak with an attorney.

Q: If my license is suspended or revoked can I still drive?

A: If your license is suspended or revoked you may be able to qualify for an Occupational Restricted Driver License (ORL). This can allow you to continue to drive, but you must follow its conditions. To learn more, read below.

Q: What kind of driving can I do with an Occupational Restricted Driver License?

A: An ORL can be used for:

Q: What types of restrictions are there on an ORL?

A: The ORL restricts you from:

Q: How can our firm help you with your DUI case?

A: At the Law Offices of Philip G. Sayles, PLLC, we understand how difficult it is to deal with a DUI charge. We will answer all of your questions and help you through the process. Our team of attorneys will investigate your case and aggressively defend your rights.

We invite you to speak with one of our experienced attorneys and set up an appointment to discuss all your options. Remember, we are here to help.

Disclaimer: The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is intended to be, legal advice.  You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own seperate legal issue.

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