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DUI Do's and Don't's


1) Do be polite to the arresting officer in a DUI. This can only help out your situation. Remember, you can get your point across without having an attitude. Emotions tend to run a little higher when you have some alcohol in your system, so just be nice and move on.

2) Do provide your driver’s license, registration and any additional insurance information to the arresting officer when they ask for it. Giving them this information for a DUI arrest will not hurt you in any way, but failing to do so can only bring about problems down the road.

3) Do ask to speak to your Seattle DUI attorney right away. That is your constitutional right, so use it! A Seattle DUI attorney can calm you down and tell you what steps need to be taken next.

4) Do get independent blood work (BAC) done upon your DUI release. At this point, the State is trying to build its case against you for a DUI, so start forming your case in defense of these allegations.


1) Don’t take any sobriety tests, field tests or any other form of tests the arresting officer will tell you that you have to take. You don’t have to take these tests, but the officer will say that you must or else. Simply say no thanks and ask for your Seattle DUI attorney.

2) Don’t be rude to the arresting officer. They are just doing their jobs. Giving them a hard time or being wise can only make the situation worse.

3) Don’t admit any wrongdoing to the arresting officer, don’t answer any questions the officer may have and don’t give your consent to be videotaped. This stuff can only negatively impact your Seattle DUI case and it will be used against you in court.

4) DON’T PANIC! I see too many people lose it when they are facing a DUI charge in Seattle. Relax, it will work out. Getting nervous will only make the situation seem worse than it really is. Yes, it’s a big deal. No, it’s not the end of the world.

And finally, remember to contact an experienced Seattle DUI lawyer like Phil Sayles. Phil Sayles has handled countless DUI cases in the Seattle area and can help you, like he has many others, win your Seattle DUI case.

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