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While most people think of alcohol intoxication when they think about DUIs, the fact is that the crime applies to all types of substances that may influence your ability to drive. If you are using drugs, even a prescription, that impair your ability to control a vehicle, you cannot legally drive. If you are arrested for the crime though, there are plenty of defense options available to your Seattle DUI attorney.

Many people who arrested for this crime try to explain to the officers that it's ok for them to use the drug because they have a prescription. Unfortunately, prescription or not, if something impairs your driving, you cannot use it prior to getting behind the wheel. In fact, the officer may even use this as a confession later. If the drug is not commonly known for causing problems with a person's alertness and driving abilities though, your Seattle DUI lawyer may be able to provide expert witnesses that can testify to the fact that your driving would not be affected, and thus, you cannot be convicted.

One of the biggest differences between DUID and DUI charges is the fact that there is far less convincing evidence in a DUID trial. The tests that can be used to evaluate a person's intoxication by alcohol are largely ineffective in evaluating the use of drugs. Both field sobriety tests and breathalyzers cannot be used to show drug use. Blood and urine tests are the only tests that can show if you were using drugs. Your Seattle DUI attorney can easily show that urine tests though are highly inaccurate and cannot pinpoint when you were actually under the influence of the drug, which is a critical point in a DUID case. Even blood tests are often be performed incorrectly and return inaccurate results.

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