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Your Free Consultation is very important because we finally get the chance to meet face-to-face and get to know each other. This will give me the opportunity to hear about the facts of your case. Once I get enough information I can tell you what the strengths and weaknesses are and what possible defense strategies I think are appropriate.

I am a firm believer in always maintaining open communication with all of my clients. When my communication efforts are not reciprocated, it makes things much more difficult. In order for us to work effectively on your case, we have to be able to trust that our clients are being truthful about everything. Keeping important information from your attorney can have a very negative impact on how your case plays out. A worst-case scenario would be if pertinent information came up late in a case that your lawyer had no idea about.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the court process in Seattle criminal cases can take a long time. I make sure that my clients know this and encourage them to be patient. I, like most attorneys, wish the whole process could move faster but that's just not the way it works. All courts have certain resources available to them and do the best with what they have, so we have to keep that in mind.

Call me today so we can start working out this issue as soon as possible.

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