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If you have been charged with homicide, it is crucial that you contact an experienced criminal attorney immediately. The attorney you choose must be ready to fight for your freedom against the state of Washington to protect your legal rights. Homicide, by definition, is the act of killing another human being by murder, procurement, manslaughter, homicide by abuse, and both justifiable homicide and excusable homicide. A homicide conviction is punishable with life in prison and even the death penalty.

There are several ways prosecutors bring charges on those accused of homicide in Washington. These charges can include attempted murder, vehicular homicide, manslaughter, homicide by abuse, and first and second degree murder. All of these charges hold harsh penalties. The most important thing is for you to have an aggressive criminal lawyer that can negotiate charge reduction and fight for you in trial if necessary.

Those who have been charged with this serious crime must be very careful in their selection of a criminal defense attorney. The Seattle and Bothell Law Offices of Philip G. Sayles work tirelessly to protect our client's rights. If you or someone you know has been accused of murder, vehicular homicide, or attempted murder, it is vital to your future that you contact a qualified Seattle criminal defense attorney immediately. I will be by your side throughout the entire process. Call us at (425) 329-2642 or (206) 357-8403 so we can work together on this issue.

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