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DUI Impact Panel

The DUI Victim Impact Panel is an awareness program for offenders who are convicted of drunk driving. The program educates offenders of all possible consequences and teaches them first hand about the physical pain, trauma, emotional suffering, and devastation that are experienced by innocent victims and their families. The goal is to prevent offenders from repeating the same mistake of drunk driving that leads to fatal accidents.

The DUI Victim Impact Panel is composed by a group of volunteers who share personal experiences and tragic stories through speeches, audio, and video. The panel presents how drunk driving has affected their lives and their loved ones. Many of the panel members that participate in speeches and share their tragic stories find it to be self rewarding. Meetings are held a few times per month and are one hour to 4 hours long.

The Victim Impact Panel is offered across the US, but in many states the DUI offenders are required to attend a DUI Victim Impact Panel as a condition of their sentence. Judges strongly believe that a high percentage of those who attend DUI Victim Impact Panel meetings ultimately learn to empathize with victims and the lifelong consequences they suffer as a result of such crime.

DUI defense attorneys can request their client to attend a Victim Impact Panel before it is required by the court. This will demonstrate to the prosecuting attorney and Judges that the offender is taking responsibility and educating himself about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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