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Juvenile Crimes

If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, having an experienced Seattle criminal attorney is crucial. Seattle criminal attorney Phillip G. Sayles has years of experience as a Seattle criminal lawyer. He understands how the legal system works for juveniles and he will fight to get you a fair trial.

In today’s age, juvenile crimes are not considered minor. There is an increasing trend of juveniles being tried as adults. Depending on the criminal offense, in many places, this is becoming more and more common practice.

Juveniles facing a criminal offense need to have a criminal attorney skilled at handling younger clients. Seattle criminal lawyer Phil Sayles understands the juvenile crime system and knows how to build a strong defense for them. Depending on the circumstances, if convicted, the child may be facing punishments as minor as probation to as long as life in prison.

Common Juvenile Crimes:

If the child has been charged with a criminal offense for the first time, and the offense was not a violent one, they may be able to get off with probation. However, this is not guaranteed. Sometimes even on first offenses the juvenile defendant could be facing prison time. To ensure that you and your juvenile are informed, you need to have a good Seattle criminal lawyer by your side.

Seattle criminal attorney, Phillip G. Sayles will make sure that you and your juvenile understand their rights and what you are up against. He will help you make the best decisions for your child’s future.

If you need attorney representation for a juvenile crime in Seattle, do not hesitate. Call Seattle criminal attorney, Phillip G. Sayles today.

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