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Miranda Warnings

One of the first questions that must be asked whenever a Seattle DUI arrest takes place is whether proper Miranda warnings were given prior to that arrest. In the 1966 case Miranda v. Arizona, the court determined that the police are required to read a defendant their “Miranda Rights” prior to an arrest or custodial interrogation of that defendant. The Miranda warnings let the defendant know that they have a right to remain silent, they have a right to an attorney (even if the client is indigent), and that any statements made by the defendant during that arrest may be used against them in a court of law. That’s right: anything you say during that DUI incident can be used against you in a court of law.

It’s important to note that a violation of these Miranda warnings does not result in an automatic dismissal of your DUI case. It simply means that any statements made without receiving these warnings can result in suppression of those statements and be held inadmissible in court. In addition, the police do not have to warn a DUI defendant about making voluntary statements. If the defendant chooses to speak freely during the incident, the arresting officer will just sit there with his notepad and pen in hand. That’s all it takes and before you know it those same comments are being used against you at trial.

There are no advantages to admitting guilt or providing sobriety tests to the arresting officer. It only makes their jobs easier. Don’t give them the satisfaction! Remember, be polite and stay silent. More importantly, get a DUI attorney who will work hard to protect your rights. Call our law offices today.

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