Seattle Out of State DUI and Tickets Attorney

Attorney Representation in Seattle, Wa for over 8 years

In Seattle, you can be charged for an out of state DUI or ticket if you have an out of state license.  Even if you are now a resident of Seattle, you still may face you DUI consequences here in Seattle as well as your home state of residence.

The Seattle DMV cannot revoke your out of state license, but it can suspend your Washington state driving privileges until further notice.  If you have found yourself in this situation, one of our Seattle DUI Defense Lawyers can help.

First-time offenders do not often serve actual jail time.  But they are fined and forced to face other similar consequences.  Depending on the details of your case, you may face additional punishment or a longer jail sentence as well for having a minor in your car, getting into an accident, etc.

In times like these, an attorney is the tool of defense you need.  If you live out of state, we will make every effort to minimize your in-court appearances. Your Seattle DUI Defense Attorneys will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case, and discuss with you the best course of action going forward.  If a case dismissal does not seem likely, we will negotiate for the best sentence possible.

Remember that although you have been arrested for drunk driving, you still have rights.  Start fighting for those rights by calling one of our Seattle DUI Defense Lawyers today.