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Weapons Charges

Washington State is known for having some of the strictest and most complicated gun laws in the U.S. Firearm convictions usually involve mandatory sentences of minimum jail time or fines. Being convicted of a firearm infraction in Washington can also result in you losing your right to own a gun. In order for you to keep your right to own a firearm, your attorney must work to reduce your charges. Philip G. Sayles will fight to preserve your rights.

Criminal defense attorneys must thouroughly understand all aspects of Washington's gun laws in order to successfully help those charged with this crime. We have represented many people in gun crime cases with favorable outcomes. We'll work with the prosecutors to negotiate lighter sentencing, and we always make every possible effort to keep our clients from spending ANY time in state prison. The majority of our clients should not have to go to prison as they are not carreer criminals- they are good people that simply made a mistake by violating Washington gun laws. If you were stopped by law enforcement for a traffic infraction in Seattle and a firearm was found in your car, you may have been charged with a firearm violation. Philip G. Sayles is an expert in this area of law and can help you with your case.

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